Who am I?

Some of you know me well, and others are a bit newer to the party (welcome, by the way)! 🤗⁣Every now and again I like to use a post just to remind my followers exactly what it is I’m doing here. ⁣I’m a Utah native, currently residing in a small town called Wellsville. ⁣A mom of 7, grandma of 3, and married to my soulmate.

I began re-thinking modern health and beauty after the birth of my second son because I noticed some health issues showing up…when I started to research the effect certain foods have on not just our health yet our mind and our spirit as well I became obsessed with the power food has.

13 years later, my wellness brand was born, and this was the start of me teaching how real wellness begins with the foods we eat on a daily basis. ⁣⁣

Today I have married my passion to my purpose, and have combined high quality athleisure wear with natural beauty products that are aligned with the nourishing effects of organic whole food combined with daily movement.


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Kristie Belliston


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Belly’s Farmhouse

Me: Honey, let’s get chickens! ⁣⁣ Husband: Why? ⁣ Me: For eggs, so we have them fresh everyday. ⁣ Husband: No ⁣ Me: 😭⁣⁣ A few weeks later…⁣ Husband: You have to be up and out of the house by 7am tomorrow? ⁣⁣ Me: Why? Husband: Because that is the time they deliver baby chicks

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