After many years of diet and exercise, counting every calorie, and obsessing over the scale and the size of my jeans. ⁣One day I realized I DESERVED to feel good.⁣ We all do. We spend much of our time making ourselves small and accommodating everyone else, especially those of us who are mothers and caretakers. We suspend and ignore our needs until we forget we even have them. ⁣

I realized one day that the way I was eating was making me feel bad and I was going to do something about it, even if it upset the status quo in my household, work, and friend circles. ⁣

I have the right to change. ⁣My feeling good is a priority. ⁣I had to get feisty about this, for myself.⁣ It is at this moment when healthy eating and exercise no longer become something i dreaded yet something I WANTED to do. So now repeat after me, “I DESERVE TO FEEL GOOD!!”

Now go do the things that make you feel better.


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Kristie Belliston


A community for you to meet with other like-minded women, to discuss weight loss and reaching optimal health through nutrition and exercise and look good doing it. What is included FREE in the TBFC Membership? Each month you will receive a new meal plan to choose from. There are several categories of meal plans to choose from: this depends on

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Belly’s Farmhouse

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