“Style is a refection of your attitude and your personality.”

Welcome to your Style Persona

Now that you’ve defined your STYLE PERSONA, its time to create a style board that speaks to who you are. You’ll find yours in my VIP group. 

As you progress through this process of being aligned with your style persona, you’ll streamline your closet to only those pieces that represent you. When picking pieces, be aware of proper colors for your hair and skin tone. In addition, keep in mind proper fit. Don’t buy ill-fitting clothes. Period! 

Commit to and be consistent with your style persona. Then observe and note any positive changes in your personal, social, and professional life.

And, that’s it. Have fun with the process! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Our style personas can evolve as we progress through life. Don’t be afraid to revisit this process as you see fit.

Learn More About Your Style Persona

Your are personally invited to my VIP Group.
Here, you will find a beautiful community of woman, at every stage, looking and feeling her very best as she is NOW. 

If you believe in reinventions, second chances, new steps and next phases.

If you want the confidence of knowing who you are, and finding what fits your life and flatters your style in every season of your life. Then this group is for you.

With respect for our past and belief in our future, I’m committed to offering you a style that’s spirited, unique, trusted and timeless.

Dress for it.


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